“I just take it day by day and try to get better and roll with the punches,” he said. “With an injury, there’s nothing you can do about it. It’s part of the game. Second, on the issue of any involvement of Alexis Debat as a source in the Saddam anthrax stories, I suppose I have no other choice but to, at least on the surface, take your word. Unfortunately, with all due respect to your inside information on this, I don’t feel I would be doing due diligence to accept your response on its face. Because a) ABC News never revealed even the smallest detail about those “four separate well placed sources” used in its Saddam anthrax stories, such as what their positions, affiliations, or even vocations were (even after the information they supplied proved to be wrong), and b) considering ABC News’ use of Debat as a source for just such stories and that such a revelation might be further damaging in the wake of the Debat affair, I’m sure you could understand why I might and in an effort to cover this responsibly, why I should question your response.

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